Accounting/Sales Administrator’s Assistant

POSITION AVAILABLE:    Accounting/Sales Administrator’s Assistant

HOURS:                               8AM – 4.30PM



Mailing Packages for office and shipping to customers

USPS tracking numbers/postage added in to Radius sales orders for shipping

Morris & Dickson Reports Bi-Quarterly

Graphic Adobe Announcement Work

AWG sending Emails in Radius Daily

Scanning invoices

Putting invoices on shared drive

UPS Invoices Monday (Freight and Packages) and Friday (Just freight)

               Must be 5 days out from the current date or you will have to make corrections.

               End of the month check to see if anything seems past due

Sales Rep Mail Wednesday (time consuming)

               Pre-prep Tuesday won’t have time Wednesday mornings

               This task takes 1 to 1.5 hours to complete every time.

Stamping, folding, and mailing invoices to customers

Pre-Sorting files in file room to make it easier for others to put away.

If able to, help file when file room is overwhelmed

Payable Emails/vendor sorting

Vivid and Rapid Count Scanning and Virtual Filing

Certificates of Insurance (spreadsheet, scan to shared drive)


Sending Bulletins/Updated Pricing / Invoices weekly to Reps and Office

Sales Rep pricing Requests

Mailing Sample Requests/Keeping the Sample Rooms stocked/updated

Keep all Office/Sales Rep information up to date

Sales Rep Acknowledgements Fridays

Updating Signed Warranties when returned/giving to Derek

Email Accounts I look after/have Access to

Sales Emails

Social Media Emails

Twitter Emails

WebInfo Emails

Tradeshow Emails

Admin Fax Emails

LTC Book Pricing Updating / Master Book Pricing Updating


Holiday Card lists/labels yearly

Purchasing calendars for company yearly in October

Constant Contact Emails and Campaign creations

Constant Contact Graphics

Updating Website Info

Creating interactive PDF’s with LiveCycle

Tradeshow prepping

Managing the Tvboard

               Updating Monthly Announcements

Updating employees on TVBoard

Inputting pictures on TVBoard

Reconnecting TVBoard to Server after restarts.

Keeping Office Supplies Stocked

Keeping Lunchroom supplies stocked

DOSIS Spreadsheet and samples every Monday

Updating/managing files on SharePoint

Granting and managing access to SharePoint

Keeping Neoship stocked and working

Yearly maintenance is every November

Supplies purchased through Neoship

Keeping mailing supplies stocked

               Order supplies through USPS

               Custom Labels are through Lindsey

Creating Labels in Avery for the office

Birthday and anniversary graphics and updates monthly