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AutoSealer Manual

AutoSealer has been the premier Pill Card sealer in pharmacy for over 30 years.
The 4th Generation model was introduced in 2020, and raises the bar once again with superior engineering. This motorized unit seals cards in 3 seconds, while providing an air cooled outer shell that is warm to the touch. The flat top design provides additional work space. This low maintenance sealer comes with a 1 year warranty, and optional Extended Warranties.

Quality components and basic design make operation of the AutoSealer easy.

  • Safe two-handed operation, plus Emergency Shut Off
  • 3 second seal time. Heavy Duty motor provides 1,200 lbs of pressure vs 500 lbs for other electric units.
  • Consistent Time, Temperature and Presser provide a perfect seal every time.
  • Works with Paddles, or Sponge Trays when used with a Pressure Board.
  • Meds never exceed 100 degrees, including when paddles are left inside the unit for an extended period of time.
  • Seals standard 1/2″ depth or oversized 3/4″ deep paddles without requiring any conversion
  • Extended warranties are available when initial 2-year warranty expires.

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Weight 47 lbs
Dimensions 14.6 × 17 × 9.75 in

2 Years