The AutoTrans Conveyer is a linear bulk pre-packing system for pill cards, and offers the fastest throughput of any unit in the marketplace. Pharmacies can fill & seal up to 600 pill cards per hour, while applying a pre-pack label to each card. The linear design helps optimize space within the pharmacy. New features include the Pick and Place option allowing customers to use 2-piece pill cards to reduce your consumable price. Simply load the pill card and blister feeders, and choose the Auto Index button to maximize throughput.

The AutoTrans Conveyor is designed for Institutional Pharmacies servicing 2,000 or more residents that want to incorporate pre-pack into their workflow, which greatly reduces labor.

  • Assorted Plates – Top, Middle and Base – can accommodate the majority of medications in your formulary.
  • Can fill a variety of pill card formats & counts – 30/31/32/60/90 and more.
  • Pre-pack cards allow techs to chart plates and height for each NDC making future changeovers in < 5 minutes.
  • 2-Day onsite installation and training is included.
  • Add on pre-pack printer applicator to place pre-pack labels on cards – choose from Front or Back placement.
  • Specially designed storage boxes help organize pre-pack shelves, plus Pre-pack card can alert staff to replenish stock.

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