Vivid Rx

Just Count and Fill!

The VIVID Rx is the pill counter you have been waiting for. Real-time counting and 99.99% accuracy guarantee you won’t miss a pill. Cost effective and maintenance-free counting is here.


No scanning or pill training required.
The only pill counter in its class with a Quick Count Mode.

1. Dispense

Dispense pills onto the tray.

2. Count

Confirm the count.

3. Fill

Tilt the tray and transfer the pills to the patient’s vial.


Transaction Log

Transactions are logged and stored in the user’s online cloud account. An image is automatically captured showing exactly what was dispensed on the tray when the transaction was completed.

Rx Verification

Performs quick Rx validation to make sure the right drug is dispensed to the right patient.

Quick Count

Just count and fill with the quick count mode. No barcode scanning, calibration or pill training required.

Double Count

It validates and enforces double counts of CII, CIII, CIV, and CV drugs to make sure the right drug and quantity is dispensed.

User Authentication

Set up an unlimited amount of users, locations, and administrators. Quickly login with a PIN or password. User activity is always logged in the transaction reports.

Intelligent Counting

Every result is continuously verified using our patented algorithm at a rate of five times per second.


The VIVID keeps a record of everything. An image is automatically captured showing exactly what was dispensed on the tray when the transaction was completed. Past transactions can be easily retrieved by scanning the Rx or NDC number and exported to PDF.


Not only one of the most accurate, but also one of the safest pill counters on the market. The VIVID meets the standards and requirements for safe handling of hazardous drugs as defined by USP General Chapter <800>.


Our user-friendly app makes pill counting a breeze. Use it out-of-the-box, with no instructions required.
It’s easy to configure and adapt to your pharmacies’ workflow


VIVID Pill Counter

Equipped with more than 20 pill counting features and functions. Built in barcode scanner, a 10.1-inch touch capacitive display, Ethernet, and USB.

Counting Tray

Patented count tray designed with an extra-large counting surface measuring 9.5 x 8in (76” sq) designed to optimize counting speed, accuracy, and count size.

Hazardous Tray

Hazardous drugs tray designated for counting pills and tablets that require special handling of hazardous drugs (HDs) included in Table 1 of the most current National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

Dispensing Tubes

Two sets of dispensing tubes for left and right-handed operation for easy transition of countied pills to the patient’s vial or stock bottle.


Magnetic spatula designed to adjust for excess pills or tablets, and easily sweep the pills from the tray into one of the dispensing tubes.

Wi-Fi Antennas

Two antennas for wireless connectivity of the VIVID pill counter to the internet through your local network.


Counting ApparatusPhoto Optical Object Recognition
Speed9.5” x 8”
Count CapacityVaries by pill size (Optimized for 100)
Countable PillsCounts 99% of your pharmacy’s formulary.
It cannot detect translucent pills and some pills with obscure shapes.
Barcode ScannerBuilt-in, CCD
Screen10.1″ Capacitive Touch
Shaking MechanismSemi-Automatic
InterfaceWi-Fi | USB (A type) | RJ45 Ethernet
Operating SystemWindows 10
Power100 – 240 VAC 1.6A 47-63 Hz
Dimensions14” (L) x 14”(W) x 22.5” (H)
Weight30 lb
Warranty12 Months

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